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Carburation & Timing

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Isolator w/Pulse Fitting

Isolator w/Pulse Fitting

Need to get engine pulse to run your fuel pump? Dont want to mess with drilling and tapping your isolator or valve cover? This part is for you!

Most people that try to drill and tap these on their own end up breaking them, avoid the hassle and buy it once.

Our Price: $7.99
Adjustable Tuned Carb for the GX390 & 420/440 Clones

Adjustable Tuned Carb for the GX390 & 420/440 Clones

These adjustable carbs come with larger main and pilot jets to provide your GX390 & Clone engine with the extra fuel it needs in a Golf Cart or Go-Kart application. It also includes an adjustable mixture screw for those of you with non-adjustable EPA carbs that want to be able to adjust the idle mixture on the fly without re-drilling the pilot jet.

  • 21mm Venturi
  • 27mm Throttle Plate
  • Adjustable Idle Mixture Screw
  • Fuel Shutoff

Our Price: $29.99
11-Degree Adjustable Timing Bracket

11-Degree Adjustable Timing Bracket

Our adjustable timing brackets allow you to advance the ignition timing up to 11-degrees by moving the ignition coil.

No more removing the flywheel and inserting a timing advance key.

Adjust timing on the fly with this nice billet piece!

Our Price: $39.99